Learn more about the USLCA

Learn more about the US Life Coach Association

The US Life Coach Association was founded in 2003 with one goal in mind.  To help Life and Business Coaches succeed. 

Jeff Wasserman, the founder of the USLCA met with hundreds of struggling coaches, disillusioned by the lack of paying clients.  He single handedly set out to build a bridge between clients and coaches. Today the USLCA stands ready to bring coaches and clients together.  

Life Coaching is in it's infancy. Most people have heard of life coaching or think it is something similar to counseling. But how many of these folks have ever spoke with a Life Coach or hired a Life Coach? You will find very few have ever experienced coaching.

Why is it that most people have heard of Life Coaching but few if any have experienced it or hired a coach? Could it be that coaching is something you need to see, hear or experience in order to understand how it could help you? Maybe it is the manner in which it is talked about in the media. Either way, Jeff Wasserman and the US Life Coach Association is going to change this perception in 2012.

Properly demonstrating coaching in the media and bringing coaching to the public is the key to the future of Life Coaching. The US Life Coach Association is focused on bringing coaching to main street.

Our program is very simple, after 9 years of helping coaches, we are expanding, we are offering you a no cost, no obligation trail. Take advantage of as many or as few of the opportunities as you would like. In 2012, all Life and Business Coaches are welcome to experience the USLCA.

Fill out the membership application, fax, mail or email the completed application to the US Life Coach Association. You will be notified if you are accepted. Once accepted, all we ask is for you to place our banner somewhere on your home page. The banner can be reduced to no smaller than 400 pixels wide and hyper linked to USLCA.com

We are not trying to sell you anything, we are only looking to build a voice for Life and Business Coaches. If you have any questions, please call Sarah at US Life Coach Association at 800-841-8776.

Contact the USLCA

US Life Coach Association
P.O. Box 540
Dahlonega Georgia 30533


The USLCA is a professional coaching organization dedicated to promoting and assisting Life and Business Coaches. From marketing, public relations, advertising, promoting, networking and certification, we are here to help Life and Business coaches build their business.
Founded in 2003 by Professional Life Coach and media personality Jeff Wasserman, the US Life Coach Association focuses on helping coaches succeed. We are your support system. Our specialty is helping new coaches who graduated from one of the many coach training organizations, but have been unable to attract paying clients.
The US Life Coach Association has a unique perspective on the current state of the coaching profession. Our coaching model uses a different approach or thought process, than most coaching schools and organizations teach. If you are serious about building up your coaching practice, if you are willing to forget some of the "old school" coaching models you learned or read about, then you may have found what you have been searching for. Learn more about the US Life Coach Association and start coaching instead of talking about it.
The US Life Coach Association is open to all Life and Business Coaches, no matter where you received your training or what your educational background is. Maybe it is time to align yourself with America's fastest growing Life and Business Coaching organization.